Ranelagh book promotion

Ranelagh – A Special Place – A book about the history of Ranelagh

Three long-term residents of Ranelagh have devoted the past six years to compiling a history of Ranelagh Estate. This will be the first comprehensive, illustrated book documenting the Ranelagh story. It will be a practical guidebook as well as historically interesting and is based on documented evidence dating back to the 1800’s.

The RRA is supporting the publication of this scholarly work and invites residents of Ranelagh to join in our support by purchasing an advance copy of the book or making a donation towards the cost of publication. All costs are being born by the authors, and contributions of any size will be appreciated.

To purchase your copy, go to the Ranelagh book’s website:

click on the following link :         https://www.ranelaghpublishinghouse.com

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