The Ranelagh Residents’ Association (RRA) Incorporated is a properly constituted Association. One of its objectives is to preserve the neighbourhood character and heritage values of the Ranelagh Estate which result from Walter Burley Griffin’s plan for this Garden Estate.

The Objectives of The Ranelagh Residents’ Association
In accordance with our Articles of Association our Objectives are as follows :-

  1. To prevent the development of closer density housing and any further commercial development. “Closer density housing” being defined as: Group Housing, Cluster Housing, Town Houses, Retirement Villages, Units and Flats.
  2. To ensure the principle of “one block-one residence” is strictly observed.
  3. To protect and conserve individual features of the original subdivision pattern and estate layout which express the garden suburb principles and values that informed the Estate’s design.
  4. To ensure that any further development respects the natural features and environment of the Estate as planned by Walter Burley Griffin.
  5. To liaise with, and have communication with, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council or any other appropriate body in all matters affecting the Ranelagh Estate and surrounds to assist in this aim of furthering the RRA’s objectives.
  6. To undertake activities to promote, recognize and conserve the significant heritage values of the Ranelagh Estate in a way that respects the full range of values with specific reference to the recommendations described in the Ranelagh Estate Conservation Management Plan July 2009.

About this website : (Updated 4th January 2022)

Under the RRA Campaigns dropdown menu, you can find :

  • Newsletters (current and past)
  • Information about the initiative of a team of local ladies authoring a Ranelagh History Book and being promoted by RRA
  • Information about the original Ranelagh Sale Poster

Under the “Ranelagh Story” dropdown menu you find on the “References” page links on the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s website for :

  • the Ranelagh Conservation Management Plan (CMP),
  • the Ranelagh Vegetation Management Plan,
  • recent Heritage study undertaken by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

The image to the right is a the original Ranelagh Estate landscape drawing produced by Marion Mahoney Griffin in 1924 to promote the estate.