Ranelagh Estate Seats

A project undertaken by the Association with joint funding from the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council is to install seating within the Reserves around the Ranelagh Estate and positioned to provide resting places for people walking around the Estate.

A search was conducted to source appropriate seats which supported the Griffin design principles or to manufacture to suit our needs. Stone seats had been installed at the Mornington Rose Garden which suited our design brief and was supported by the Shire and Heritage Victoria.

The seats have “Ranelagh Estate” etched onto the top of the seats.

P1020744_s -EtchingP1020743_s_LotD

The locations for the seats needed approval from Heritage Victoria as the Reserves and Road Reserves are Heritage Listed on the State Register, and approval from the Shire’s Traffic Team and Parks Maintenance Team.

At present a seat is located at the Ravenscourt end of Lot D,  two seats are located within the JT Smith Reserve (close behind the Memorial Plague) and seats installed on the traffic islands at the south end of Rannoch Avenue, Wimbledon Avenue & Ravenscourt Crescent, and Rendlesham Avenue & Wimbledon Avenue.

Additional seats will be installed in the near future areas in the southern end of the Estate.

Ranelagh Original Sale Poster – Reproduced for Sale

RRA have undertaken a project to reproduce the original 1924 Ranelagh Sale poster for resale. The reproduced poster full colour on gloss paper is available in 2 sizes. A larger size which matches the original poster being 95 cms high and 64cms wide is selling for $50 and a smaller version being A3 in size is selling for $10. Postage is extra. Local orders will be hand delivered to reduce costs.

Example on display at Eliza Meats in the Mount Eliza Village

Example on display at Eliza Meats in the Mount Eliza Village

Reproduced poster for Sale

Reproduced poster for Sale

Finding original posters has been an interesting exercise. The original poster was produced in 2 colour variations although the basis was actually the same poster. The different poster colours are a blue base and the other being a yellow base, which were produced at the printing stage. Few original posters still exist with only 2 copies of the blue based version located and 1 of the yellow based version which was faded due to exposure to sunlight. The State Library does have an incomplete yellow based poster which has been marked.

The poster used in the publication of the Ranelagh Conservation Management Plan (CMP) by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (see references page for link) can be seen hanging on the wall in the Eliza Meats shop in the Mount Eliza Village. The owner Kevin gave permission for this poster to be borrowed and photographed by Heritage Planners “Context” in their award winning Ranelagh CMP publication. A second version in better condition is in the ownership of another Ranelagh resident.

The condition of the sun faded yellow poster was in excellent condition and the owner was happy for the poster to be removed from its frame and was professionally scanned. Extensive work has been undertaken to enhance the scanned poster whilst retaining the original layout, colours and fonts. RRA are now happy to offer this reproduced poster to be made available for purchase to support RRA fund-raising initiatives.

To order, send an email to mail@ranelaghestate.org.au with you order requirements and contact details. Postal delivery in AUSPOST tubes which can contain multiple Poster copies. All attempts will be made to hand deliver to immediate area to eliminate the delivery charges.

Options :

  • Poster 900mm high by 555mm wide on 200 gsm gloss paper – $50 plus delivery.
  • Poster 420mm high by 295mm wide (A3) on 200 gsm gloss paper – $10 plus delivery.